• Asia Air Survey Co., Ltd.

    Municipal Security Plan for Tokyo Olympics Using Multi-resolution Seamless 3D Model

    Tokyo, Japan

Project Summary


In preparation for Tokyo’s hosting of the 2020 Summer Olympics, Asia Air Survey (AAS) was retained to create a 3D model of the city’s Olympic site and develop a security analysis tool for organizations involved with the event. The JPY 200 million project required AAS to use photographic surveying to collect the images and seamlessly manipulate the 3D data, encompassing everything from the safety of VIP seating to securing public roads for marathons. To capture existing conditions and automatically generate detailed 3D models, AAS needed sophisticated, photogrammetric reality modeling software.


AAS used ContextCapture (formerly Acute3D) to automate the photogrammetric reconstruction of detailed, geo-referenced 3D models from a large volume of high-resolution aerial photography. The ability to fully calibrate all images and employ 3D construction and texture mapping ensured accurate models of the city that could be used not only for hosting the Olympics but also for municipal security, disaster prevention, and facility management.


Using ContextCapture to automate the construction of city models through photographic surveying, AAS significantly reduced project costs and delivery time. The ability of Bentley software to expand the field of aerial and omnidirectional images optimized operational efficiency of the photographic survey and facilitated accurate detailed modeling. Based on the models generated, AAS could extract regions requiring security from the visibility analyses to determine effective security planning for specific locations, such as VIP seating in arenas or courses for races, enhancing safety during the Olympic Games.


The photogrammetric reconstruction capabilities provided by ContextCapture enabled AAS to leverage geographic ground control points and fully calibrate all images by automatically identifying the relative position and orientation of each photo. The software not only automated the construction of the city models but made it possible for AAS to seamlessly integrate the ground-level photographic images, providing both wide-area situational awareness and detailed local analysis for effective security planning.

  • AAS used Bentley ContextCapture to capture existing infrastructure through photographic surveying and automatically generate a 3D model of the Tokyo Olympic Games’ site that could facilitate the development of a security analysis tool.
  • The ability of Bentley software to accommodate and calibrate large volumes of data and images using set geographic control points resulted in detailed 3D models from which AAS extracted and analyzed wide area ranges, as well as specific locations, optimizing security planning.
  • AAS significantly reduced costs and saved time creating the 3D city model for this JPY 200 million project that not only will enhance safety during the Olympic Games but also can be used for disaster prevention plans and facility management.
  • “Using ContextCapture not only allowed the construction of city models through photographic surveying to be automated but also made it possible to combine the results with ground-level photographic images, seamlessly enabling both wide-area situational awareness and detailed local analysis.”

    Kazuo Oda General Manager Research and Development Institute