108 MW Gas-based Combined Cycle Power Project

    New Delhi, Delhi, India

Project Summary

To address power generation capacity issues in Delhi, DESEIN was retained to refurbish an existing gas-based power plant and expeditiously commission it as a combined cycle plant. The project required DESEIN to generate an as-built 3D design model from original drawings, supply updated information to the plant operations team to use the model during the operation phase, and create a virtual model of the transformed plant to facilitate reconstruction at the new plant site. DESEIN needed flexible, interoperable software to meet these engineering challenges on an aggressive timeline.

Supported by Bentley software, DESEIN evolved and coordinated its workflow to accommodate the complex engineering challenges and work collaboratively to meet the tight deadline. DESEIN relied on Bentley BIM software to generate integrated models, facilitate data information exchange, and provide accurate, up-to-date reports for efficient plant operations and maintenance.

Leveraging the interoperability of Bentley solutions, DESEIN saved 7-10% in engineering time and 2% on project delivery costs. Commissioning a combined cycle power plant improved energy efficiency by 45-50%. The superior efficiency of combined cycle power plants not only conserves fossil fuels but also drastically reduces emissions and waste per unit of electricity generated. With self-sustainable features, the new plant in Delhi addressed power availability issues for critical facilities and demand for power supply in an overpopulated city.

DESEIN used MicroStation, AutoPLANT, ProSteel, and Bentley speedikon Architectural to design and analyze the as-built and refurbished combined cycle power plant models, and to facilitate reconstruction at the new plant site. The information mobility and interoperability of Bentley products enabled DESEIN to work collaboratively and more efficiently. Integrating across the engineering disciplines enhanced modeling capabilities and information accuracy, saving significant time and costs, while maintaining compliance with environmental guidelines.
  • The combined cycle plant is 45-50% more energy efficient than turbine cycle or steam cycle plants and will significantly enhance the power generation capacity of Delhi.
  • Bentley software enabled DESEIN to generate accurate models and reports, improve data information exchange, and enhance workflow and collaboration to meet an aggressive deadline and maintain compliance with environmental and regulatory guidelines.
  • DESEIN leveraged the interoperability of Bentley products to model an existing gas powered plant and design a new combined cycle power plant for Delhi, saving 7-10% in engineering time and 2% in project costs.