• Infrastructure Engineers, Inc.

    Bridge Management for Worldwide Navy Bridges


Project Summary

To comply with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) requirements for bridge preservation and management, the U.S. Navy developed a bridge management system based on InspectTech. Since its first use in 2008, the customized application has enabled the Navy to manage more than 200 bridges of various types and sizes located on domestic and international bases.


The Navy’s bridge inspection consultant, Infrastructure Engineers, worked with Bentley’s InspectTech team and the Navy to develop a system that met all of the Navy’s requirements, including the ability to be used by multiple inspectors in remote locations; document detailed findings, bridge ratings, stream bed profiles, custom drawings, and inventory photos; and create technical and non-technical reports.

The web-based application significantly reduces time required to develop, review, and submit bridge inspection reports. It is a critical component in the success of the Navy’s bridge management program and in meeting FHWA requirements. Error checking routines eliminate the rejection of data by FHWA, allowing for more accurate and efficient submittals.

As the basis for development of the Navy’s bridge management system, InspectTech provided a powerful solution that integrates inspection recording capabilities and bridge management analysis.
  • InspectTech allows rapid input of bridge inspection data both in the office and in the field.
  • Consistent and complete data eliminates the need to return to the field for missing information.
  • Customizable reports allow technical data to be submitted to FHWA and bridge engineers, and less technical summaries to be submitted to naval base personnel.
  • Follow-on inspections need only modify previous inputs, making them more efficient.