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    Power Plant for Garraf Development Facility Operation


Project Summary

For this USD 58 million power plant project in Iraq by Kavin Engineering and Services, the remote location of the site and the extreme weather conditions required that all of the equipment, piping, structural steel, and instrumentation and electrical components be built as modules in Malaysia, and placed into containers. These containers where then transported by sea, road, and rail to Iraq and then assembled on site. This approach significantly reduced the amount of work on site, and enabled the project to be completed in a mere five months.

Because all elements were prebuilt and then assembled on site, it was crucial to minimize risk of clashes in the design process. Kavin Engineering and Services used Bentley 3D design tools including AutoPLANT, ProSteel, and STAAD.Pro. They then used Bentley Navigator to review the model and ensure it was clash free. The team extracted drawings directly from the 3D models.

Since all clashes were identified and adjusted beforehand, the risk involved during the construction phase in Iraq was virtually reduced to zero. The drawings issued to Malaysia for construction were also more accurate, which resulted in the company completing the project ahead of schedule and increasing profit by USD 1 million. Interoperability among applications reduced engineering time by 30-40%.

The interoperability between STAAD.Pro and ProSteel allowed the team to share data, which reduced the time typically required to create the ProSteel model. The dynamic update of 2D drawings saved rework time in issuing the documents and the ability to import data from STAAD.Pro to STADD.foundation reduced man-hours by 50%.
  • Using 3D models, the company completed the project ahead of schedule and increased profit by USD 1 million.
  • AutoPLANT, ProSteel, STAAD.Pro, and Bentley Navigator interoperability reduced engineering time by 30-40%.
User Quote:
  • “Bentley was committed to providing the solution necessary to develop the project from concept to commissioning.”

    B. Santosh Kumar Kavin Engineering and Services Private Limited