CAD Managers Prefer MicroStation

Adopting new design software requires up-front work for CAD managers to configure, deploy, and provide users with training, but some products like MicroStation actually deliver capabilities that make CAD managers’ life easier in the long run. 

If your organization is looking for an alternative to AutoCAD, download our CAD Manager’s Guide to the AutoCAD to MicroStation Transition to get a realistic perspective of what’s involved in making the switch and why many CAD managers prefer to use and support MicroStation.

Here are a few reasons why CAD managers love MicroStation.

  • Support for an unmatched range of raster, GIS, and vector formats like RealDWG
  • CAD standards template and checking capabilities to ensure standards compliance
  • Greater stability and elimination of lost work and file corruptions associated with crashes
  • A single, consistent file format for the past 15 years 
  • A common interface for Bentley’s CAD and BIM applications to simplify training and data re-use as team members advance into BIM workflows