• Blom Sweden AB

    Interactive 3D Model of Stockholm

    Stockholm, Sweden

Project Summary


Commissioned by the city of Stockholm, Blom Sweden AB (Blom) was asked to generate a realistic 3D model covering 500 square kilometers of the city’s urban area to present the city’s growth and future development plans. To automate the modeling process and enable residents and users to visualize the city and the impact of proposed new urban development projects in an accessible, interactive environment, Blom needed sophisticated, photogrammetric reality modeling tools.


Blom used ContextCapture to transform its BlomOblique imagery into an impressive virtual visualization of Sweden’s capital city. The 3D reconstruction and texture mapping capabilities of Bentley software ensured accurate, automated modeling to provide a key decision-making tool for urban developers, and a universal, digital method for the municipality to communicate with its residents. A large touch screen is available for citizens to interactively explore a photo-realistic 3D model and better understand the various projects planned in Stockholm.


Using ContextCapture to automate the 3D reconstruction saved significant time while requiring a smaller project team, ultimately reducing project costs. The ability of Bentley software to deliver a highly detailed virtual visualization in multiple 3D GIS formats was instrumental to the success of the project, optimizing clients’ use of the model.


Blom used ContextCapture with four engines to process their aerial and omni-directional images and transform the imagery into a photo-realistic, 3D textured model. The photogrammetric techniques available in Bentley software enabled Blom to leverage geographic ground control points for a complete geo-referenced model that can be combined with other geographic information.

  • Blom used Bentley ContextCapture to automatically generate the highest resolution model reconstruction of Stockholm to date.
  • Using Bentley software, the total production was completed within two months with a reduced project team.
  • The photo-realistic, textured 3D model was loaded into a 3D visualization platform used by city officials to make decisions on future infrastructure projects in Stockholm and share their vision with residents.
  • “Blom has chosen ContextCapture since it is the most advanced software in the market to produce large photo-realistic 3D models of entire cities, which we primarily make from our BlomOblique imagery, but also from any other image sets available. ContextCapture enables us to deliver highly detailed 3D models quickly in all the 3D GIS formats that our clients require with a very satisfying end result.”

    Henrik Åquist Managing Director Blom Sweden AB