• Southern Company

    Seamless Handover of Project Data for Asset Operations and Maintenance Using AssetWise Products

    Atlanta, Georgia, and Birmingham, Alabama, United States

Project Summary

For Southern Company’s capital projects, one of the largest challenges is the handover of engineering information to operations and maintenance. The goal of this USD 3 million project was to create a true cradle-to-grave asset lifecycle information management tool that allows information to flow across disciplines, departments, and organizations from an asset’s inception in conceptual design through operations and eventual decommissioning.

Southern Company used eB Data Quality Manager (now AssetWise ALIM) for provisioning data to Maximo, the company’s computerized maintenance management system. The software is currently involved in alignment of accounts hierarchy, plant locations, and design functional tags during project execution. In the future it will be fully integrated with an internal materials management system to ensure physical asset alignment with design functional tags.

Since piloting the handover processes at one facility in 2013, Southern Company has moved to include projects at four other facilities. By ensuring the seamless handover of quality asset information to facilities, Southern Company has significantly reduced the cost to operate assets.

With AssetWise ALIM in place, Southern Company’s design and asset-related data is centralized, linked, and consistent with design procedures, standards, and guidelines across all of its engineering disciplines and outsourcing partners. Southern Company also implemented other Bentley products, including AssetWise ALIM, AutoPLANT, ProjectWise, and MicroStation.
  • In development over a seven-year time period, the asset data management system currently supports USD 5 billion in project work for seven plants.
  • Southern Company has seen cost-saving efficiencies in both man-hours and safety performance.
  • Reducing the time spent finding asset information required to execute a reliability maintenance program can save a single facility hundreds of millions of dollars over its operational life.
  • “Bentley continues to provide Southern Company with the tools it needs to execute true asset lifecycle information, enabling seamless handover of project information to operations."

    Tedd J. Weitzman Project Manager, Performance Improvement Team Southern Company