• Sweco AB

    Hallandsås “Live BIM” Railway Project

    Förslöv to Båstad, Sweden

Project Summary

This USD 1.5 billion BIM project included a tunnel that would increase railway capacity from 4 to 24 trains per hour. To minimize environmental impact while still keeping the project on schedule, the tunneling had to occur simultaneously with the track and related infrastructure designs forcing the Swedish Transport Authority (Trafikverket) to advance its use of BIM practices. Trafikverket engaged Sweco to implement effective BIM processes, develop integrated 3D collaborative design models, and use that information throughout the project lifecycle.

Using Bentley software, Sweco created distinct processes to access and deliver information, established clear directives regarding classification of constructible objects and metadata for each object, and defined working methods to ensure timely analysis and problem solving. Sweco worked with Trafikverket to develop a central database of all 3D objects, automated scripts, and templates, to ensure project quality and future reusability. The information mobility and interoperability of Bentley software enabled Sweco to integrate data and metadata, manage the flow of information to multiple parties, and ensure effective change management.

Bentley software, including ProjectWise, facilitated information modeling and mobility, management, and coordination processes, saving close to USD 6 million in rework. Feeding as-built data from the tunneling production into the project model enabled engineers to accommodate changes and avoid costly surprises during construction. Resolving non-constructible conflicts during the design stage reduced construction rework by 50%, ensuring the project stayed on schedule. Long term, the model will provide asset management data for the operation and future maintenance of the railway.

Sweco integrated Bentley Navigator, Bentley Rail Track, InRoads, MicroStation, and ProjectWise to develop a standardized coordination process resulting in reusable resources, reduction in costs, and productivity improvements. Bentley Navigator was used to visualize and inspect the project model, while ProjectWise served as the hub for document management and administration. Using the Clash Detection tool in Bentley Navigator enabled current design files to be loaded into the digital model and analyzed to identify and resolve conflicts and collisions prior to construction. Sweco credits the success of its ‘Live BIM’ project to the flexibility and adaptability of Bentley products.
  • The interoperability and flexibility of Bentley software allows the use of structured model information for asset management when the railway is operational.
  • Creating an integrated 3D object library with Trafikverket ensured reusability of objects, methods, and techniques, setting the standard for future BIM projects.
  • Sweco implemented standardized BIM processes supported by Bentley products enabling them to meet the challenges of designing in parallel with production, and save an estimated USD 6 million in rework.
  • Using Bentley software increased quality of construction documentation, reduced production cost for correctional work, and ensured efficient risk management, allowing Sweco to secure the production schedule.
  • “To be successful with BIM, you need to change your mindset and way of working. Bentley software provides great freedom for creative users to challenge the conditions of the project.”

    Daniel Ahnsjo BIM Strategist Sweco AB