• Sydney Airport

    Airport Infrastructure Facilities Management

    Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Project Summary


Set on 2,239 acres with more than 400 structures, three terminals, three runways, and associated taxiways, Sydney Airport generates economic activity equivalent to 6.4 percent of the New South Wales economy and provides 306,700 jobs. The airport’s design team needed a centralized, easy-to-access information center, which could provide a more efficient way for them to produce dozens of complex, time-consuming interior maps and facility drawings they were creating on a monthly basis.


Taking an innovative approach, the team used Bentley Map and other software to map the ever-changing assets of the airport facilities. Then they designed an Infrastructure Facilities Management System to create, edit, manage, and archive engineering design and geospatial content, and to provide a portal for information mobility among project teams, internal department stakeholders, and external agencies. The addition of the Geo Web Publisher portal allows users to access live graphical databases and identify, locate, and analyze asset information including links to lease plans and as-built data. Bentley Map Mobile adds value by allowing staff to access the live data from anywhere on the airport property.


ProjectWise provides onsite/offsite access to facility data in multiple formats and allows integration with various user applications, so key stakeholders can collaborate. Geo Web Publisher’s self-service portal allows stakeholders to fulfill their own data requests in digital form, saving paper and printing costs. Thematic maps that were previously a drain on resources and took days to complete, can now be created on demand in minutes. Lease plans take just 40 minutes to create instead of several hours. By providing accurate, current data, the system minimizes design revisions, significantly reducing design office costs. As a single source of truth, the system helps to eliminate data duplication and redundancies.


The new facilities management system was built using a combination of server applications (ProjectWise, Geo Web Publisher, SQL Server), desktop applications (MicroStation, Bentley Descartes, Bentley Map, Pointools), web applications (ProjectWise Web Explorer, Geo Web Map Viewer), and mobility applications (Map Mobile, Bentley Navigator, Bentley Field Supervisor). ProjectWise is the primary data storage and application service center for facilities design and related business content, effectively eliminating data silos.
  • The Facilities Information Management System provides a secure environment with no data redundancy, increasing efficiencies in operations and maintenance.
  • The self-service portal decreases data request turnaround time, saving time for both stakeholders and the design office.
  • Fast access to accurate data enables rapid response in the event of emergencies.
  • Information mobility for the field staff provides instantaneous data access and faster response times in facility operations.
  • “ProjectWise, Bentley Map, Geo Web Publisher, and other associated Bentley software platforms including MicroStation, Descartes, CloudWorx, and Pointools are transforming and enhancing the Airport Design team’s product development and service delivery to our internal and external customer base. The evolution of our MicroStation databases toward a GIS platform, the linking with our financial systems, and the publication of content through Geo Web Publisher is delivering improved efficiencies and savings within the design team and also huge benefits to our airport staff.”

    Geoff Stevenson Spatial Information Services Manager Sydney Airport