AssetWise for Chemical Management

Increase Uptime and Maintain Production with Chemical Optimization

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Bringing Down Costs While Raising Production

Keeping production flowing is crucial for oil and gas companies. Downtime brings on increased expenses, adding to already constrained budgets.

While chemical usage is necessary, it is also expensive, especially with the frequency of over injection. And, controlling your chemical spend is more difficult when you can’t access reliable and timely information on your chemical usage, costs, and performance.

Therefore, oil and gas companies are looking for a solution that improves uptime, reduces costs, and is environmentally compliant and safe. Used globally by many of the top operators, Bentley’s AssetWise provides the visibility and insights you need to make improved chemical management decisions, putting you back in control.

Improve Production and Reduce your Chemical Usage by 10-20%

Unlock your dark data and learn about the potential savings across your operation.

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Why You Need a Chemical Management System

Discover how a chemical management solution can save you millions of dollars by optimizing chemical usage and increasing availability.

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Get Visibility into What Is Happening, When, Where, How and Why

By obtaining full access to your disparate and siloed data, you will be able to:

  • Leave spreadsheets behind and implement a going digital strategy.l
  • Control chemical usage, dosage rates, and sampling that enable you to plan effectively.
  • Have up-to-date information at your fingertips for near real-time reporting.
  • Monitor how chemicals affect corrosion, the safe operating envelope, well integrity, flow assurance, and water analysis.

Learn How Cairn-Vedanta Oil and Gas Transformed Its Digital Processes with AssetWise.

Be in Control, Confident and Proactive!

AssetWise for chemical management enables you to make smarter and more informed operational decisions. The information is accurate so that you know what is happening across all your assets. The application helps you make the right decisions with actionable insights into:

  • Uptime and production
  • Chemical usage and costs
  • Fast and real-time reporting
  • Automation
  • Overall performance

Manage your chemicals more effectively. Speak to an expert at Bentley to learn more.

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