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Изучайте инновации с помощью приложений и решений на базе iTwin от пользователей, партнеров и экспертов Bentley

Innovate with Digital Twins

With the help of the Bentley iTwin platform and iTwin.js, integrators, developers, engineering firms, and Bentley are solving infrastructure challenges.

M2X.AI blends video game technology with building industry workflows. Their product M2 Diagram leverages the iTwin platform to sync, federate and serve up building information modelling data including all major engineering design software file types.


Nearbl built a mobile application that creates an augmented reality experience for digital twins served by the iTwin platform. Their application helps construction project stakeholders navigate and interact with constantly changing building sites.


Phocaz built an application to aggregate traffic design data and graphic workflows for transportation agencies. Traffic Design Data Manager simplifies data navigation by synchronizing report records with feature location, tracks design issues such as missing lengths, pay items, or alignment names.


SmartViz built a solution for building performance and optimization on the iTwin platform. Their solution integrates IoT data, energy consumption, and occupancy analytics on a building digital twin powered by iTwin allowing property managers and owners operators to analyze their building performance, understand bottlenecks and opportunities, and predictive modelling.

In 2021 Bentley made a call to a select group of innovators to build their solutions on the iTwin platform. We call this initiative the iTwin Ecosystem Sponsorship Program.