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Bentley Institute Product Training Partners are highly qualified to deliver learning opportunities on Bentley’s solutions, for industry and academic users in their designated territory. Product Training Partners provide continuous learning opportunities for professionals, supporting career growth and adaptability to the changing needs of their organization and industry. Product Training Partners also help prepare students with the technology skills needed by industry, so they are better equipped for careers as the world’s future infrastructure professionals.


“Adequately skilled workforce is the biggest asset for any company, and most organizations face a challenge in this area. With the combined resources offered by Bentley Institute and our Product Training Partners, users can optimize their skills with hands-on training and guidance—and become better prepared to tackle the challenges of the infrastructure industries.”

Vinayak Trivedi
VP, Bentley Institute
Bentley Systems, Incorporated

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Enhance your technical skills and adapt to the industry’s ever-changing needs
with Bentley Institute Product Training Partners

Infrastructure Infrastructure Infrastructure

Your Opportunity

  • Gain the technology skills required by industry to advance your career

  • Distinguish yourself as a job-ready resource to increase your opportunities

  • Demonstrate your technology skills by earning a certificate of accomplishment for each completed course

  • Prove the ROI of your investment in technology training with better project outcomes

  • Become a leader and expert in your field

Program Benefits

  • Training completion certificates, validated by Bentley Institute, at the end of courses

  • Courses attuned to local needs and trends

  • Instructors experienced in delivering tailored offerings

  • Product Training Partners adept at offering training the way you prefer: either in a physical classroom or virtual environment (live online, or on-demand)

  • Quality product training ensures your projects will be delivered in a shorter timeframe, with better results
Opportunity Opportunity Opportunity

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Partner with Bentley Institute to support us in our mission
of ‘advancing the professions’

Benefits Benefits Benefits

Your Opportunity

  • Partner with Bentley, a global leader dedicated to providing engineers, architects, geospatial professionals, constructors, and owner-operators with comprehensive software solutions for advancing infrastructure

  • Increase your market presence by leveraging Bentley Institute’s academic programs, webinars, events, and more. Our programs increase students’ desire for even more learning opportunities, as they seek to polish their technology skills, increasing your business

  • Leverage Bentley’s academic outreach through its established relationships in schools and universities

  • Expand your business through product training offerings for specific markets and by engaging Bentley users

Program Benefits

  • Authorization as a Bentley Institute Product Training Partner in your designated territory to differentiate yourself from competitors

  • Training and support, specific to Product Training Partners, to familiarize your instructors with key Bentley solutions

  • Licenses for a portfolio of Bentley software to train students and professionals

  • Access to Bentley learning content, marketing materials with support for events and activities to increase market presence

  • Certificates validated by Bentley Institute, at the end of each course

  • Qualified Trainer Program for Product Training Partners - this Program validates trainers on their expertise and the necessary instructional skills to deliver effective training programs on Bentley solutions
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