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业主运营商及其供应链需要管理多种来源和格式的数据和信息,并以易于查看、分析和理解的方式呈现它们,以便快速做出明智的决策。AssetWise Digital Twin Services 利用数字孪生方法提供沉浸式可见性和分析能力,以及时提供决策支持。利用该服务,数字化环境、数字化组件和数字化4D时间追溯管理,能够提供增强的基础设施资产性能。


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    • AssetWise Operational Analytics
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  • iTwin Immersive Asset Service

    • iTwin Immersive Asset Service provides immersive visualization and analytics visibility. The rich, interactive 4D digital twin context improves decision-making that sustains and enhances infrastructure asset performance. Its cloud and web services enable owner-operators to make infrastructure engineering information accessible and comprehensible to a wider population.
  • AssetWise 4D Analytics

    • AssetWise 4D Analytics uses advanced analytics and machine learning to provide insights into current conditions and trends, which helps you predict future performance. Data sources can include any information accessible to AssetWise, including inspections, work history, and extremely large data sets such as those from IoT devices. Extensive graphing and dashboarding capabilities allow results to be understood in the context of a digital twin.
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