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在耗资 2.9 亿美元的布洛克岛风力发电场项目中,为了向罗得岛和新英格兰供应较便宜的电能,Keystone Engineering (简称Keystone) 受聘为五个 6 兆瓦风力涡轮发电机设计下部结构。为了适应深水风力涡轮发电机复杂的气动和水动载荷,并简化与发电机设计师的沟通,Keystone 需要灵活的数据互用海上设计和分析工具。


Keystone 利用 Bentley SACS 将石油天然气行业中使用的钢铁套管基础改造成深水风力涡轮发电机支撑结构设计。SACS 使 Keystone 能够设计套管下部结构的复合结构和复杂的节点几何图形,为仅限在浅水区使用的典型的海上风力涡轮单桩混凝土基础提供备选方案。Keystone 借助 SACS 功能连接到涡轮发电机设计师使用的 GH Bladed 软件的界面,以优化总体结构设计,确保安全运行。


使用 Bentley SACS 进行套管设计使 Keystone 能够优化下部结构所需的钢数量,安装成本比传统的单桩施工降低 20% 以上。Bentley SACS 还允许 Keystone 并行执行多个模拟和大量设计迭代,将设计周期缩短 50%。Keystone 的创新设计降低了风险以及制造和安装成本。Bentley 的综合数据互用软件确保风力涡轮发电机设计师能够开展高效协作,促进整个项目的精确建模。


使用 SACS,Keystone 为每个设计迭代进行了超过 3000 次时域模拟,进行了 150 多次并行模拟,周期比典型的欧洲海上风力发电项目缩短了 50%。SACS 与 GH Bladed 软件的数据互用性提高了团队调整结构频率,在宽频带风速和海洋条件下优化运营,最大限度提高收入的能力。Bentley SACS 使 Keystone 能够简化设计和分析,降低成本,准确管理数百万兆项目数据,最大限度减少错误率。

  • Keystone saved their client 20% in installation costs by using Bentley's OpenWindPower to design steel jacket substructures for America’s first commercial offshore wind farm.
  • Using Bentley's OpenWindPower to perform multiple simulations and design iterations simultaneously, Keystone shortened the design cycle by 50% as compared to European offshore wind projects.
  • The interoperability of Bentley OpenWindPower enabled collaboration between two engineering firms using different software and ensured accurate modeling throughout the project.
  • The economic feasibility of the Block Island Wind Farm project serves as precedent for a new United States industry, supporting infrastructure development to reduce energy costs while expanding job opportunities.
  • “The Bentley SACS Wind Turbine module allowed us to streamline the analysis process reducing the design cycle time, the cost to the client, and the risk of errors in managing the tremendous amount of data needed to perform over 3,000 time-domain simulations.”

    Zachary Finucane P.E., project manager Keystone Engineering Inc.
  • “The effort put in by the Bentley SACS team to couple its post-processing capabilities with the hydrodynamic/aerodynamic modeling capabilities of other software systems has allowed for the first truly useful coupled analysis in the offshore wind industry. This has resulted in significant time and cost savings for the offshore wind foundation/sub-structure engineering community.”

    Benjamin Foley P.E., general manager-offshore renewables Keystone Engineering Inc.