• Kursk Power Station and JSC Neolant

    Information Support System for Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plant

    Kurchatov, Kursk Region, Russia

Project Summary

As part of the decommissioning process of the Kursk Nuclear Power Plant, the team developed a scalable information management system using Bentley software to keep record of and store engineering and technical information as they prepared and conducted the decommissioning of the power units. The system also needed to meet future needs and serves as the basis for creating a single information space for interaction among all organizations involved in the decommissioning efforts for the next 80 years or more. The project required Kursk and Neolant to design a detailed power plant configuration, including structures within the industrial site, structural elements of the reactors, and other key equipment vital to the decommissioning efforts.

Using Bentley MicroStation and PlantSpace, Kursk and Neolant created detailed 3D engineering models for all structural and equipment components of the project by re-engineering the design and engineering documentation. Integrating all data accumulated and stored in the different functional subsystems with ProjectWise provided a single interface for the various specialists to interact efficiently within the system. The team designed a scalable system based on Bentley software to plan the final decommissioning stage of the plant lifecycle and meet future expansion needs.

The efficiencies introduced by the information management system reduced the time and cost of implementing the decommissioning project. Automating manual processes, such as calculating radioactive waste quantities, saved time and minimized errors and risk. With improved quality of information, Kursk Power Station expects an increase in the safety of the decommissioning process. The scalable system will support a sustainable environment for over a century.

Bentley MicroStation and PlantSpace enabled the team to create 3D engineering models for the Kursk power plant master plan, including the architectural and structural models of the plant’s main buildings, process models of the power units, and detailed models of the nuclear reactors. Design specialists were able to develop these models collectively using ProjectWise as a single interface. AssetWise provided the information management system with the capability of performing applied functions and calculating specifications critical in supporting the decommissioning process.

  • The AssetWise information management system automated manual processes, saving time and minimizing risk throughout the decommissioning process.
  • The scalable system created with Bentley software is expected to be used for over a century as the plant is decommissioned.
  • The simplicity and versatility of MicroStation and PlantSpace reduced the cost of creating the 3D engineering models that are the system’s primary component.
  • Using ProjectWise as a single platform for the design of the system substantially reduced costs, saved time, and enhanced quality of the end product.