• Profarb Grupa Chemiczna Sp. z o.o.

    Installation for Alkyd Resin Production

    Smolensk, Russia

Project Summary

Based on client requirements for a compact facility to produce alkyd resin from sunflower oil in Smolensk, Russia, Profarb Grupa determined the project would need four reactors with 6.3 cubic meters total capacity, a heating-cooling installation with an oil heat carrier and boiler with 2x580 kilowatt capacity, and control and measurement systems. Profarb Grupa’s goal was to develop an optimized process for the prefabrication of all installation components in their own workshops, thereby improving the manufacturing and assembly process.

The complexity of this facility and the assembly process presented a high probability of collisions during installation, so Profarb Grupa incorporated 3D modeling in addition to automated design analysis to minimize this risk. Profarb Grupa approached this project with a new workflow that included a combination of Bentley software and networked SQL databases to enable the multi-discipline project team members to evaluate interacting components accurately. A combination of 3D models, 2D isometric drawings, and flattened drawings were generated for review, analysis, and approval by the project team, assembly team, and client. Once approved, bills of materials (BOMs) were automatically generated, improving the accuracy of the purchasing and manufacturing processes.

Collaborative review of the detailed models and drawings highlighted potential collisions, enabling correction during the design process, reducing costs, and improving the fabrication process. BOMs significantly reduced instances of surplus or shortage of materials during the assembly. Overall, Profarb Grupa estimated the project would take 900 man-hours, based on similar previous projects. The project was completed in only 640 hours, a reduction of almost 30%, which Profarb Grupa attributed to the new process incorporating Bentley tools. In addition, a significant savings of EUR 80,000 was noted in the preparation of project documentation.

AutoPLANT was used to prepare 3D models, 2D isometric drawings, flattened layouts for installation, and create detailed bills of material. ProjectWise and Bentley Navigator were used extensively for cross-team collaboration and comprehensive review and analysis of the models. i-models and the free Bentley View product enabled the client and the assembly team to review the models for their requirements.
  • Profarb Grupa developed a successful new way of working sharing models across their teams using AutoPLANT, ProjectWise, and SQL databases.
  • A savings of EUR 80,000 was noted in the cost of preparation of project documentation
  • Compared to similar projects, Profarb Grupa achieved a reduction of almost 30% in man-hours, from the 900 estimated to 640 hours actual.