• Prolagos




    • Prolagos uses WaterGEMS to deliver energy savings and revenue gains

Prolagos 是 Aegea 集团子公司,负责为里约热内卢拉各斯湖区的五座城市提供给排水服务。Prolagos 2041 总体水规划旨在为繁忙扩建的旅游区,拉各斯湖区的供水系统提出经济高效的短期、中期和长期备选方案。扩建项目的主要挑战包括从 50 公里以外的淡水水源向该地区运水,并在旅游季节的高峰期适应巨大的季节性人口波动和增加的用水需求。

该耗资 1.87 亿巴西雷亚尔的项目的主要目标是减少 50% 的能耗并将无收益水从45% 减少到 25%,并为利益相关方提供投资回报。


Prolagos 使用 WaterGEMS 整合给水管网中所有设备和仪器的数据,以开发一个高度校准的模型。该团队构建了 50 多个方案的模型,以便为给配水系统的设计做出协同决策。


根据 WaterGEMS 建模结果,Prolagos 选定了扩建计划,能耗减少 59%,每年节约成本 1700 万巴西雷亚尔。设计提高了供水管网效率,居民供水量从 91% 增加到了 98%。在旅游旺季,人口波动从 400,000 上升到近 200 万人。尽管面临着这些挑战,Prolagos 仍然能够证明这个项目高达 323% 的投资回报率。


WaterGEMS 是用于开发 Prolagos 2041 总体水规划的主要工具。WaterGEMS 水力模拟程序展示了一个用户友好的视图,帮助系统运营商加深了理解。它成为运营和工程团队评估方案和制定短期和长期决策以优化选取最经济高效的方案的协同式工具。
  • Energy savings and revenue gains delivered an ROI of 323 percent.
  • Calibrated hydraulic modeling allowed Prolagos to select the alternative that meets demand while providing more cost-effective investments, lower operating costs, and revenue growth.
  • The planned improvements will increase water pressure and adduction flow. The more standardized water distribution will provide better quality of service.
  • Benefits to the region include more regional development, and improved public health and quality of life.
  • “The challenge of water utilities in the 21st century, especially in BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) countries, is to be able to respond quickly to the increase of water demand due to population growth in a more efficient way and with a sustainable approach. Therefore, the use of tools such as WaterGEMS allows the companies to integrate the entire water network database available (including field data) and obtain the best scenario—the one that optimizes the water distribution and decreases energy consumption of the system."

    Wagner Oliveira de Carvalho senior project manager Prolagos / AEGEA