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    SkyHouse 公寓




Novare 集团在美国各地的城市中开发 4500 万美元到 7500 万美元的公寓楼,包括 17 个地点已完成、设计中或在建的项目。典型的项目是一个 23 层,320 个单元的公寓楼,带沿街零售空间。Stanley D. Lindsey and Associates 根据当地的建筑条例、地质、地震和风力修改每个位置的结构设计。


开发人员没有为每栋建筑执行完整的建筑、工程、电气、给排水设计和施工规划,而是只创建一次平面图并在多个位置重复使用设计(修改以符合当地要求)。作为本项目的结构工程师,Stanley D. Lindsey and Associates 能够重用原型设计的三维模型,对每个位置进行必要的结构更改,同时保留建筑设计和布局。


在多个位置使用标准化的(原型)建筑设计,允许开发人员以降低的开发、设计和施工成本提供可盈利的经济适用住房和零售空间。它还可以缩短工期,从而可以在紧张的工期内推广在建项目。这种协同式创新方法使团队节省了约 12 周工期,并降低 25% 的成本。设计、开发和施工总共实现的节约可为最终用户提供更加经济实惠的住所。


RAM Structural System 和 RAM Concept 使 Stanley D. Lindsey and Associates 能够快速进行本地更改,并在短时间内向开发人员、建筑师和承包商提供更新的设计。使用 Bentley 的 RAM 软件进行结构建模、分析和设计的速度可显著缩短项目交付时间。同时,RAM 产品可确保安全、高效和实用的设计。
  • Only minor design changes are required for each location, so each building is designed and detailed at a fraction of the cost compared to designing from scratch.
  • The cumulative experience gained from the construction of each building helps eliminate problems and shorten the schedule for subsequent buildings.
  • Working from a prototype allows the contractor to anticipate construction safety issues based on experience with past installations of the same building.
  • The prototype building design approach enables the project team to save an estimated 12 weeks on the schedule and lowers project costs by 25 percent.
  • “With RAM Structural System and RAM Concept we took the original prototype model and quickly made changes to adhere to differing local requirements. We could easily share those complete and updated designs with the developer, architect, and contractor. These capabilities helped us collaborate better as a team, and we were able to deliver these projects to the building owners on time and within budget.”

    Jason D. Perry P.E., S.E., Associate Principal Stanley D. Lindsey and Associates, Ltd.