• Volkswagen AG

    Simulation and Analysis of Waste Energy vs. Usage of Energy

    Emden, Lower Saxony, Germany

Project Summary

The EUR 100 million project is part of Volkswagen’s “Strategy 2018” campaign to position itself as a global economic and environmental leader among auto manufacturers. At its Emden, Germany, factory Volkswagen took one production hall and analyzed the current energy consumption in relation to thermal effects. To accurately and efficiently complete this integral study, Volkswagen needed to obtain information from various data sources and simulate that data using modeling and building energy analysis software.

Volkswagen divided its study into different areas, including thermal simulation, presentation of results, comparison studies with two other facilities, analysis of the current state of Emden’s production hall, daylight simulation, and ideas for using waste heat. The study team obtained and analyzed information from civil and structural engineers, architectural drawings, and electrical data.

The simulation study defined options to use alternative energy resources that would reduce heating costs by 60%, and reduce the number of building roof lights, yielding a savings in cooling costs. Bentley’s design and simulation tools enabled Volkswagen to analyze, compare, and evaluate data, optimizing thermal usage to increase comfort while reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Volkswagen used Bentley’s MicroStation and Heavacomp to demonstrate energy flow and usage, and to illustrate potential energy savings. With Bentley software, Volkswagen verified simulation data against real measureable data from the Emden production hall, and identified optimal, energy-efficient designs for similar production halls and factory buildings.
  • Using Bentley tools to verify simulation data against measureable data from the Emden production hall, Volkswagen identified an optimal, energy-efficient design for similar manufacturing structures.
  • As part of a campaign to position itself as a global economic and environmental leader in the automotive manufacturing industry, Volkswagen’s EUR 100 million simulation project demonstrated overall energy flow, usage, and potential energy savings.
  • Volkswagen relied on Bentley modeling and dynamic simulation software to implement thermal and daylight building simulations at an Emden production hall, defining alternative energy resources to reduce heating and cooling costs.