• Zhongnan Engineering Corporation Limited

    3D Collaborative Design Accelerates Industry Revolution on Water Project

    Guizhou, China

Project Summary

With rapid urbanization underway, China is investing close to CNY 2 trillion in water pollution control plants. Lagging technology has caused up to 40% of design time to be spent coordinating disciplines. Zhongnan Engineering Corporation Limited designed the USD 11 million Qingzhen Vocational Education West Urban District sewage treatment plant as a model for standardization using Bentley’s 3D technology to integrate design, construction, and operations.

Using Bentley technology, Zhongnan Engineering Corporation created a standardized 3D environment to integrate the project design, construction, and operations, thus improving overall efficiency.
ProjectWise was used as the collaboration platform to enhance coordination among the 10 different disciplines and many different parties involved in construction by providing a single source of truth. Data was published to i-models to enable project participants to access models from mobile devices, while maintaining all the original attributes.

The standardized design system implemented for the Qingzhen Vocational Education West Urban District sewage treatment plant reduced design time by 35% and design costs by 30%. Design collaboration reduced design errors by 90%. By integrating the design, construction, and operations of the project, Zhongnan Engineering Corporation Limited earned a long-term return on a small, one-time investment. This successful project now serves as the template for subsequent work on 14 other water projects.

Zhongnan Engineering Corporation Limited implemented ProjectWise to facilitate collaborative design and timely communications. The project team also developed solutions for standardization and modularization using AECOsim Building Designer, GEOPAK, MicroStation, Bentley Navigator, OpenPlant, and Bentley Substation.

  • Information mobility promoted collaboration among participants and reduced communication time by 50%.
  • Subsequent water projects will benefit from the standardized design system, which will reduce design time by 30% and increase efficiency by 50%.
  • Collaboration reduced design errors by 90%.
User Quote:
  • “Based on Bentley’s standardized design, the clash detection of the system can help us find out more than one hundred clash points quickly, with a design error rate decreased by 90%. The design period was reduced to two months from three months, increasing the design efficiency.”

    Yin Xiaowei Chief Engineer Qingzhen Vocational Education West District Sewage Treatment Plant